Community Designed Healthcare - What ALL Healthcare Should Be

"Community-Designed Healthcare - What ALL Healthcare should be"

In this country, healthcare systems are designed by doctors. They are the authorities, but the authoritarian and autocratic design has the unintended effect of estranging many patients, sometimes based on ethnicity and sometimes based on other demographics, such as sexual orientation.

Many people of alternative sexual orientation (the LGBTQ community) do not feel comfortable seeing their doctor. They sometimes feel ignored and sometimes feel judged. They are often marginalized. They have no control. Traditional medicine demands that you take time off from work, drive to the doctor's office, check into the waiting area, where you sit with other people, some or whom have contagious infectious diseases, such as Covid, influenza, pneumonia, etc. No confidentially since everyone sees that you are there. You fill out a lot of paperwork, then you wait, and wait, … and wait, until the doctor can see you.

Frequently, the Physician encounter is brief and rushed, therapies are sometimes not explained, and all questions may not be answered. This is traditional outpatient healthcare, designed by physicians. But the pendulum is swinging toward a more patient-centric healthcare system, one in which the patient does not have to be exposed to others will illness, is seen on time, and is listened to, with all questions answered and an understanding of  the treatment recommendations. This is community-designed healthcare - this is telemedicine. This is a model that has been accelerated by the recent Covid pandemic. It is a sad statement that it took a pandemic to lead us to the realization that telemedical healthcare can be community-designed, i.e., patient-designed. At and, we strive to be a model of this new paradigm, of community-designed care.

Dr. Guha

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

LGBTQ Clinic + GuhaMD

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